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car wars

Car wars! A ‘polite notice’.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve ended up taking on someone else’s pet hate or obsession? I’ve recently discovered that I have! We live in what should be a quiet road. The road itself is a dead-end leading to a local church and an old Manor house and farm. Our house is […]

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Lessons learned in life photo.

I need proof!

I won’t go into any great detail but a freewrite is when you start with an opening sentence and splurge, i.e. you let your imagination go wild, writing anything that comes into your head and see where it takes you. The BRB suggested various starting phrases, one of them being I need proof….. . Well […]

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There’s no ‘I’ in team-is there!

I hope that everyone has had a good Christmas? I have had a quite an interesting one! My daughter-in-law is 8 months pregnant and as they live in Manchester, we live in Witney and her parents live in Brighton, we decided to take Christmas to them. Well at least a little nearer! We decided to rent […]

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Tell me why I don’t like Mondays!

This title sounds like it could be a good one for a song! Oh wait-I think it is ~. Sorry about that, but I feel the need to do something to cheer me up this morning. I don’t normally mind Mondays as a rule. It’s sometimes quite refreshing to wake up knowing that there are things […]

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