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Little Miss Riding Hood.

  Well at last my Creative Writing module is done. It’s been a bit of an emotional rolller coaster for me. It’s one thing to have an academic essay subjected to a tutor’s marks, but a totally different experience when it’s a story/poem that has come from your heart. But I think that I’ve learned […]

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My new motto.

Some more poetic efforts.

Just thought that I’d share my latest poetic attempts which I produced for my latest Open University assignment. This one was quite a challenge for me as we had to write 2-3 poems, totaling 40 lines, using different techniques. I found it quite hard to write in this almost calculated way, but I’m sure that […]

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I’m in the poetry zone!

  Hi guys,   My latest assignment for my OU course has been a poetry assignment. As part of the course I’ve had to write some poems. Here are a couple. The first one was my attempt at writing about an animal, real or mythical. Of course I wrote about the Invisible Dragon! The second […]

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Bit of fun!

Ode From a mature student’s son. My mum has lost her marbles! How so? I hear you say. She’s started acting crazy                                     In many different ways.                        […]

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The ‘lovely Lisa’ recently threw down a writing prompt challenge in our private ‘I’m a writer’ fb group. She challenged us to write a poem about passion. Not feeling very confident, I decided to ‘give it a go’. After all only the other members of the group would see it. In fear and trepidation I uploaded […]

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Valentine’s Day-a day for celebration.

So today is the 14th February-Valentine’s day. The day for flowers, chocolates and romantic gestures. It’s the celebration of Valentinus who was imprisoned because he ministered to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire and also performed marriage ceremonies for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. This to me shows that it’s really a celebration of love […]

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Poetry exercise

  On a National Creative forum run by the Open University, the tutor running the forum asked us to write a poem based on this picture. Below is my attempt. Alone she stares, silent in reverieThe sky so clear as she aspires to beSo still, afraid to break the spellAnd take the road she knows will […]

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