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Making the most of life’s opportunities!

Last night I was invited to a social gathering in a local hostelry. Now I don’t know about you, but at this time of year I’m very reluctant to venture out again after I’ve closed the curtains and put on the fire. This, coupled with the prospect of walking into a crowded pub on my […]

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WOAPA cd recording

  On Saturday 20th October 2012 a momentous occasion, in my opinion, occurred. Approximately 150 adults and children gathered together in the main hall of a local school to record some of their repertoire for a cd. The buzz of excitement in the hall was electric. Looking around at the faces of those present, it […]

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My Tasty Travels

Wow, yesterday the TV programme I took part in with Lynda Bellingham was on TV. Having told all my friends and family about it so they could watch-I started to have a bit of a panic. What if I made a complete fool of myself or worse-what if I was edited out!!!!!! I watched it with […]

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Update on Dame Edna.

Anyone who may be reading these blogs will remember that I wrote one about making a scarecrow for a Scarecrow Festival to be held over the the August bank holiday weekend. For some bizarre reason I decided to do a ‘Dame Edna Everidge Scarecrow! Dame Edna then featured in 2 adverts on Witneytv to publicise the […]

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When I think of September

The lovely Lisa has set us a challege of writing a blog about what we think of when we think about September. This might not be what she meant but here goes. The first memory I have when I think of September is of a friend’s wedding where I first realised that I wanted to be […]

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I wasn’t going to do a blog today as after all the excitement of the Scarecrow Festival and the Abba day I thought that anything I had to say would be so boring. Today started off normal enough. I got up, had a bath and breakfast, got dressed and decided to do some housework. After dusting, hoovering […]

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Abba day

In this blog I’m writing about the Abba day I attended last July. Last year as part of my new beginnings I joined the West Oxfordshire Academy of Performing Arts Adult Singing Group, Woapa for short. I’ve previously blogged about some of the experiences I’ve already enjoyed since joining. Brian and Lou, the lovely couple who run Woapa decided […]

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My Scarecrow Challenge

Tuesday 21st August. Can’t believe it’s been 5 days since my last blog. The days go fast when you’re challenging yourself! My last post was cut short as I had to go and make a scarecrow to be used to promote Cogges Manor Farm’s Scarecrow festival this weekend. I’d had the idea for a Dame Edna scarecrow […]

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Finally, after much frustration

Finally, after much frustration I’ve managed to get to this point in my attempt at blogging! All this social networking stuff comes easily to my sons’ generation, but it’s a bit harder for us oldies. 2010 was the year I started my new beginnings. After years of being a bit of a couch potato I decided […]

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