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Another adventure

Liberty Lykia Ten years ago we went on holiday as a family to Lykia world in Olu Deniz, Turkey. At the time I was still suffering from depression, but was beginning to see a glimmer of light. One of the activities offered in the resort was the opportunity to go paragliding. Every day I would […]

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fare well rainbow

My invisible dragon adventure (part 5)

It’s been a while since I published part 4 of My Invisible Dragon adventure but here at last is the fifth, possibly the last part. This one starts off a bit differently. I’m in the middle of my Creative Writing course so I’m trying something different. As with all good fairy tales however there must […]

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When I get old

Be eccentric now! (no.21)

Earlier this year I wrote an outraged response to an article in the Reader’s Digest on the sorts of activities we should be doing as we get older. Reading this article I discovered that the activities that I currently engage in makes me fall into the 20-30 year old age group. At the same time […]

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Yew Tree farm, aka Cogges Manor Farm

Downton Abbey at Cogges

Ever had to keep a secret so big, so exciting that you thought that you’d just burst. I have! But now I can reveal all. Last year, 17th May, 2013 to be precise, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to be on site at Cogges when some of the cast and crew of Downton […]

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Lessons learned in life photo.

I need proof!

I won’t go into any great detail but a freewrite is when you start with an opening sentence and splurge, i.e. you let your imagination go wild, writing anything that comes into your head and see where it takes you. The BRB suggested various starting phrases, one of them being I need proof….. . Well […]

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My invisible dragon adventure (part4).

Here at last is the the next part in My Invisible Dragon Adventure series. In the last part Isabel and Lancelot decided to return to their own realities. Lancelot toYe Olde Camelot and Isabel to Witney in 2013. but first Isabel had to figure out how to summon the Invisible Dragon. Has she succeeded? Will […]

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Happy place

Bloggers beware!

Remember the phrase, ‘be careful what you wish for’? Well I think that there should also be a phrase, ‘be careful what you write’! In my last blog I responded to a challenge to write about a song that ‘takes me to my happy place’ no matter what’s going on in my life at the time. No […]

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What makes us smile? A blog challenge.

One of the up sides of social media is that we get the opportunity to find out about people and things that we otherwise wouldn’t. A few months ago I started following Sloan Rawlins on Twitter which led to me also following her blog under the name of “Taming the Invisible Dragon“. I started to […]

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Brightness of stars

A day in the ‘glamorous’ life of an author.

Yesterday I had the privilege of not only going to the official book launch of Brightness of Stars, but I also travelled there and back with the ‘Lovely Lisa, her fiancé Stephen and ”Bezzie Mate’ Kirsten. I arrived at Lisa’s house to find her frantically trying to finish of some work before we had to […]

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How a mature student does last minute preparation for an exam!

So yesterday the day that I’d been dreading for months, finally arrived. I woke early with butterflies the size of vultures inside my tummy. I tried to eat breakfast as I knew that it would be difficult to concentrate on an empty stomach. I had to make the journey from Witney, in West Oxfordshire, to […]

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