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Ripping up the past!

When the A150 module website opened in preparation for the start of my course on November 4th,  having buried my head in the sand long enough, I thought that I should at least clear out all my notes from the previous 2 courses I’ve completed, to make room for more notes! Now, I don’t know about you, but my idea […]

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WOAPA cd recording

  On Saturday 20th October 2012 a momentous occasion, in my opinion, occurred. Approximately 150 adults and children gathered together in the main hall of a local school to record some of their repertoire for a cd. The buzz of excitement in the hall was electric. Looking around at the faces of those present, it […]

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If it’s Monday, it must be wash day!

While my washing machine was doing my washing and the dishwasher was cleaning my dishes, I was quite happily checking my emails and facebook. I was reflecting on how great it was that we have these technologies that make our lives a lot easier. I can still remember the Monday wash days of my childhood, when […]

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What happened to my childhood dreams?

As a child I belonged to the St Ninian’s Concert Party. This was a drama group for kids aged between 8-16. My debut at the tender age of 8, was singing ‘Singing in the Rain’ with 4 girls with brollies dancing behind me. To my young mind this was exactly what I should be doing […]

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♥ If you woke and realised this whole year had been a dream, would you do anything different?

♥ If you woke and realised this whole year had been a dream, would you do anything different? This was posted on my fb page by one of the ladies in a special Lupus support group. I’m not sure if she was thinking of anything specific in her own life that’s happened this year. Especially […]

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My Tasty Travels

Wow, yesterday the TV programme I took part in with Lynda Bellingham was on TV. Having told all my friends and family about it so they could watch-I started to have a bit of a panic. What if I made a complete fool of myself or worse-what if I was edited out!!!!!! I watched it with […]

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Rainbow over cogges

Letting go.

This blog is about my ‘journey’, sorry for using the ‘j’ word, and part of being able to move on is to let go. Like a lot of things in life that sounds easier than it is, something that many people will have found out as they try to make sense of this world. What things we need […]

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Update on Dame Edna.

Anyone who may be reading these blogs will remember that I wrote one about making a scarecrow for a Scarecrow Festival to be held over the the August bank holiday weekend. For some bizarre reason I decided to do a ‘Dame Edna Everidge Scarecrow! Dame Edna then featured in 2 adverts on Witneytv to publicise the […]

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I wasn’t going to do a blog today as after all the excitement of the Scarecrow Festival and the Abba day I thought that anything I had to say would be so boring. Today started off normal enough. I got up, had a bath and breakfast, got dressed and decided to do some housework. After dusting, hoovering […]

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